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World Racer!

Multiplayer Racing - My Solo Project - 2016 - PC

I have developed World Racer! for my high school exam project.
This project has been a lot ambitious because my programming skills not foresee Unity Engine, 3D graphics, physic interaction, racing games, and online multiplayer networking. Why I have choose to develop this complex 3D game instead of an expected classic simple exam website or application in few months? Easy, because I love the challenges and I love to develop games! I wanted to develop this for increase my Unity Engine skills and learn to develop networking games.

World Racer! is a prototype of a racing multiplayer games where a player host a server and one or more clients can connect in them. The winner is the player that make the best lap time.


Unity Engine, C#


  • Multiplayer Online Networking

  • Server Creation, Servers list and Join

  • A Simple Vehicles Physic

  • Lap Time Calculation between Clients and Winner Checker

  • Chat Feature

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