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DvDrum, Ultimate Drum Simulator!

Sandbox Drum Simulator - My Solo Project - 2017 - PC

DvDrum is a sandbox and music entertainment software that simulates a drum instrument.

The software allows to create, customize, play and share infinite drum sets with different compositions, sounds and inputs. 


DvDrum, Ultimate Drum Simulator! is the fourth version of the DvDrum series, born in 2006, released on Steam. The fourth version introduces a renewed game engine, a new audio engine with panning, pitching and 3D simulation support, a new components system with unlimited customization possibility that allows to build extreme drumkits with maximum freedom, MIDI devices and USB devices support, multiple drumkits, Steam Cloud and Steam Workshop support.


  • Created to offer the Best Virtual Drummer Experience possible

  • 3 Keywords: High Inputs Reactivity, High Sounds Quality, Highly Customizable

  • Over 350 High Quality Sounds and Over 890 Images

  • Advanced Sound Managing with Pitching, Panning and other functionality support

  • Advanced Inputs Managing and Multiple Devices Type Support with possibility to play all of them at same time

  • MIDI Controllers Support, like Electronics and Guitar Hero / Rock Band Drums

  • USB Devices Support, with up to 32 buttons

  • Steam Workshop Integration for extend your simulator with new: Drumkits, Sounds and Images

  • Steam Cloud Integration for play with your Drumkits Everywhere

  • Metronome with Sounds and Beats Customization

  • 20 Drumless Tracks, from Easy to Hard

  • External Track Loader and Player

  • Simple and Intuitive Interface

  • And Much More..


DvDrum Steam Page




Have Rockin' Fun!

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