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Project MARS

Arcade Racing - Digital Bros Game Academy - 2018 - PC

Project M.A.R.S. is the "Big One" project in the Digital Bros Game Academy.
The project consists in a single player arcade racing game takes place on Mars planet. 

It offers various type of missions in 4 different 36 square kilometer large maps with differents environment wheater and events. An example of mission type is to collect all objectives in the shortest possible time without get out of fuel. 
After mission selection, the player will have to 
customize his vehicle by choosing a chassis, an engine, the wheels type and a couple of extra accessories. Every vehicle part have specific pros and cons in the environment, like radiations suffering or low wheels grip on rock surfaces. 
The various type of accessories offers various type of gameplay and possibility to face up the insidius Mars terrain.
Are you ready to face up Mars?

The game received award "Most Fun"



Unity Engine, C#

15, 4 Programmers, 3 Artists, 8 Designers

6 Months


  • Game cores

  • Vehicles and driving model physic

  • Chassis / Engines / Wheels / Accessories Physic 

  • Map logic and visualization

  • Environment influences and physic

  • Audio integration and logics

  • CSV files loading logic for all core physic balancing

  • Some graphic effects and menu interactions

Developed at:

Project Award:

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