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SEEDIOUS SAM XD: the last farmer

2 Players Action Party Game - Global Game Jam 2023 - PC

Two farmers sow. One will reap. ROOTEAM proudly presents... SEEDIOUS SAM XD: THE LAST FARMER! Seedious Sam is a fast-paced local multiplayer fighting game, in which players have to collect seed and grow their weapon plants in an effort to destroy the other player. Smash the seed bags to find seeds and power-ups, then plant the seeds and wait for the to grow. Once the sprouts are ripe, they will turn into a gun plant that will attack the closest opponent in range. In case the opponent already grew a few plants of their own, you can use your trusty shovel to uproot them, but be careful: the other player may want to do the same with your plants! May the best - or ruthless - farmer win!


Unity Engine, C#

7, 1 Programmer, 2 Artists, 2 Audio Compositors

48 Hours


  • Gameplay Development

  • Assets Implementations

  • Menu Implementations

  • All In-Engine Work

  • UX-UI Design

Developed in 48h at:


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